Alaska Private Investigator License

Alaska Private Investigator License

Getting credentials in the US’s largest state is pretty easy. The good news is you do need an Alaska private investigator license. Of course, there are some exceptions. We will touch upon such cases below. The only paper you need to have is a business authorization. So, let’s see how it works.

What are the duties of PI?

A private detective performs a scope of functions. The investigator may analyze information and verify the background. His job is to investigate a cybercrime or to protect people. Moreover, they sometimes help law enforcement agencies. Detective’s clients range from individuals to large companies.

Alaska is ranked 12th in the list of states with the highest PI salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes the list of salaries. It shows that detectives in the 49th state make around $60,000 per year. In 2019 the average salary stood at $58,820.

How to start?

There are no strict requirements for people willing to deal with investigations (moreover, no training or special education certificates). A business license is necessary instead.  There is no necessity in undergoing mental health evaluation.

The main rules are to:

  • be at least 18;
  • have a business permit;
  • pay a fee of $50.

Are you surprised? Yes, it is not a complicated process. Now let’s check the procedure for getting authorization. To begin with, you have to apply to the local Department of Commerce. Just click a button and fill in the necessary information accordingly.

The owner provides his company’s name, contact information, and NAICS code. It is a code that you may find in the industry classification system. Once you successfully applied online, you can print the document immediately. The fee is $50 per calendar year. Congratulations, now you have credentials.

Are there any exceptions?

Most locations do not require certain skills and certificates. However, the city of Fairbanks and the municipality of Anchorage have stricter rules. The PI should be a citizen of the United States and at least 18 years old. The cities have something in common. Bear in mind that a degree or work experience is not mandatory. Financial history provisions are not a must though.

A person willing to have a PI career in the city of Fairbanks has to provide:

  • Alaska and Fairbanks business licenses
  • Criminal background check
  • $10,000 bond or other approved financial security

The municipality of Anchorage expects you to have

  • Alaska business license only
  • Detailed work history
  • Criminal background check

The authorities in both locations expect the applicants “to be of good moral character”.

In fact, no written exam or training is a must. However, you definitely need basic knowledge. It is difficult to do this job without having knowledge of laws and procedures. In other words, the best option is to have a criminal justice degree. In particular, there is a variety of schools offering private investigator programs.

How much do they charge?

In Fairbanks, the private detective permit will cost $75. There is an additional licensing fee of $400. In Anchorage, you pay only $100. In any case, do not forget to renew your permit every two years.

Cost of services

Overall, the charges vary based on experience and skills. It also depends on the type of services and difficulty of the task. The location also matters. If he needs to move far, the cost will include fuel prices.

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