Alaska Security License

Alaska Security License

Getting an Alaska security license should be the first step on your career path as a safety guard. Our Alaska security license lookup will teach what you must carry out.


Eligible applicants are to meet the following conditions:

  • 18 y/o or above
  • Citizen of the USA or resident alien having work permission
  • Free of drugs and alcohol addictions
  • Mentally healthy and stable
  • Did not commit a crime considered as a felony throughout recent ten years

How to Get Prepared

Undoubtedly, you are to start with education. It involves 8-hour pre-assignment activities on the “Job duties” topic. However, for those who want to become an armed guard, their 8-hour training must contain:

  • Compliance with federal and local regulations
  • Handling of firearms
  • Weapon defense and maintenance

Within 180 days of employment, officers need to complete a 40-hour educational course including:

  • Emergency medical aid
  • Law of arrest
  • Patrol techniques
  • Fire protection
  • Search and seizure law
  • Functions and responsibilities to the employer and client

Classes can be provided by an instructor who has a national qualification.

Application Submission

To apply, you must:

  1. Like Wisconsin, in AK, you pass background screening based on fingerprints. The Department of Public Safety introduced several organizations providing fingermark cards. Attach 2 copies of it.
  2. Fill up the following form. Review the steps in the instruction.
  3. Include your photo taken within the last month showing you from waist up.
  4. Add a document proving your citizenship of the USA or resident alien status.
  5. Put the attendance transcripts of the required courses.
  6. Include evidence of insurance.
  7. * for armed patrols only
    Your package should contain proof of your firearm proficiency as well.
  8. Put your notarized signature.
  9. Lastly, send everything to the DPS address via mail.

For licensing, you ought to pay application ($50) and criminal investigation fees ($49.75). Until approval, you may work temporarily. The process will not take more than a month. Upon affirmation, you will get a state-issued ID card.

Renewal Process

Public safety permits are subject to refreshment. You need to update it biennially. Accordingly, you have to give $50 for each time. Before that, you pass 8 hours of continuing activities. Annual tutoring is also mandatory. Armed officers re-qualify for handling and owning guns once a year. In case of failure, they can be hired only as unarmed guards.

Make sure that there is enough time until your current certificate expires. Send the renewal request 30 days prior to the expiry date. With the letter you should file:

  • List of the companies you have worked for during 2 years period
  • An affidavit that you acquiesced with the requirements of 13 AAC 60.050
  • Document of competency with guns, pistols you have demonstrated during shooting examinations
  • Gun possessing qualification (if available)


According to AK Statue, DPS shares reciprocity agreements with other states. It refers to those who earn lawful authority to engage in such a contract. This online platform updates the list of the states where your certificate is legal. Moreover, it periodically looks at whether the extant consent is authentic or not.

If you have a permit to hold pistols and are planning to travel, you have to obey that particular region’s principles.


If your valid permit is damaged, lost, or grabbed, you may request its replacement by filling the form. In addition, you can complete it online or by pen. Anyways, you need to print it and put your original signature made by hand. Besides, you are to pay a fee of $25 and attach your recently captured picture.

Then, you should go to the DPS office or a police agency near you. There you verify your identity and submit the letter in person. Note that the expiration date of your certificate remains the same.

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