Alaska Plumbing License

Alaska Plumbing License

The US has more than 490,000 plumbers working nationwide. In AK there are about 1130 plumbers. Due to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the expected growth rate for professionals in this field is 8%. About 56% of the companies have unoccupied craft positions. This means that after completing education and obtaining the licensure, you are to choose from a variety of jobs.

The state has very strict requirements for the authorization of the sphere professionals. The latter is mandatory from the very start of the career.  AK Department of Labor and Workforce Development, specifically the Mechanical Inspection Section is a responsible governmental body, that regulates the whole process of obtaining an Alaska Plumbing License.


In AK you are to find 4 state levels of certification. They are referred to as Certificates of Suitability. The latter include Journeyman, Gas, Utility, Apprentice, Utility Apprentice levels of Plumbers. A trade certificate is proof of your skills and knowledge that is recognized everywhere in the US. More experience also increases your earning potential.

Requirements and Fees

Each authorization type has its requirements and fees.

  • The initial apprentice applicant has to be at least 16 years old. He/she has to show a certificate of suitability and paper proof of attendance in an apprentice program qualified by the US Department of Labor. It is about five years of on-the-job training. Letter from the agency or employer is a must. The fee for a Trainee Card is $250. You have to renew it every two years and pay $200 for the renewal procedure.
  • The journeymen have to show proof of a minimum of 8000 hours of work in the sphere of the installation of commercial or residential piping. Besides, they should also pass 1000 hours of trade-related training. The journeyman application cost is $50. After passing the exam, pay $200 as a licensure fee. The card cost for the Journeyman or Gasfitter is $140.
  • Gas tradesmen have to show 4000 hours of working involvement. Half of that experience must be in the sphere of the installation of fuel gas piping, and the other half in commercial/industrial installation.
  • Utility tradesman has to provide proof of practice in the sphere of water, sewer, or storm lines installation. Additional 125 hours of training is a must.

There are also additional requirements for Anchorage and Fairbanks. In Anchorage, you should have a special suitability card from the municipality or journeyman license. For becoming a Master, Fairbanks requires passing an examination for the qualification of Contractor. Contractor cards cost $400.

Licensing Exams

You have to fill out a special application form to take part in licensing exam. Just submit:

  • Completed application form
  • An original paper verifying the duration of your practice (The latter has to be in the AK Experience Verification Form.)
  • Notarized statement from the employer or company


  • Letterhead verified through the state-certified union
  • Application fee of $50

You have to submit these items before the actual testing date.

To schedule testing, call Mechanical Inspection at (907) 269-4929. On the day of testing bring your photo ID with you. The exam will last a maximum of 4 hours and to pass it you have to get a score of at least 70%.

Training Programs and Schools

The work of plumbers is very risky and responsible.  They need to know not only mechanics but also theory, as they design, install and renovate whole systems that carry gas or liquids. Therefore, the state has several programs that may prepare you for an apprenticeship in this sphere.  You are to find such courses as:

For more info contact the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Mechanical Inspection by visiting 1251 Muldoon Road, Suite 113 or make a call at (907) 269-4929.

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