Alaska Insurance License

Alaska Insurance License

If you are looking to get certified as a licensed insurance agent in Alaska, then you need to get your Alaska Insurance License. This page provides information on how to get your license and allows you to lookup an Alaska insurance license.

How hard is to get an insurance license in Alaska?

Getting Alaska insurance license seems too hard for you? All you need to know is that getting the insurance license requires a few actions to successfully complete the process. Here are the requirements to get your license and certification:

  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • You should be a resident of Alaska.

The steps that lead to the certification is not complicated.

Step 1

Decide on what type of license you need to get. That should relate to the type of insurance agent you want to become in the future. If you did not clarify the types of the policies of insurance, that you are planning to sell, then you need to consider, that there are two types of the policies:

  • Property and casualty insurance license
  • Life and health insurance license.

Choose one or both and move onto the next steps.

Step 2

Prepare to take the license exam. Good news is that The State of Alaska does not require any indispensable courses before the exam. But you are welcome to practice yourself before to complete the exam at your first attempt, as the paid fee will not be refunded after you lose the exam.

Step 3

Take the exam. You should be informed, that the results of the exam are valid for one year.

And once you complete it successfully you should move onto the next step.

Step 4

Get your background check and fingerprints done

Fingerprinting and background checks are required by the State of Alaska to get an insurance license. Soon after getting your fingerprint your background will be checked as well. In case of any delinquencies, the process of getting the insurance license can be affected. After passing the fingerprint checking process, you will be given your fingerprint card, that should be kept safe, as it will be helpful to you in your further steps.

After completing all the above-mentioned required steps, you are now ready to apply for the license at least 72 hours after the license exam. If you passed the exam for more than one line of authority, then you should send the application for all the lines. The duration of the exam is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

As soon as you submitted your online application, your next step should be sending your fingerprint card to Alaska State Department of Insurance. Now your application will be reviewed and if everything is correct and in accordance with all the state standards, you will be provided with your insurance license.

How much will the insurance license application take?

The license application costs $75 and an additional $5 for charges. You will be charged only $5 more in case of additional lines of authorities.

How long does it take to get an insurance sales license in Alaska?

You need to know that your insurance license will be proceeded within 4 weeks after receiving the required documents. As soon as your license is approved, you will receive an Email which will contain a link to the Department’s website, where you may find your Alaska insurance license.

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