Alaska Cannabis and Marijuana License

Alaska Cannabis and Marijuana License

If you have been wondering about how to get a marijuana license in Alaska, you have found the right article. As this article will answer your questions about how to get cannabis licenses in Alaska. You can find detailed information below, so keep reading and learn more.

Enterprises that grow, produce or sell cannabis must get a license. The latter provides Alaska Marijuana Control Board. One must also get a Special Land Use Permit for cannabis from Alaska Anchorage Assembly.

Know before submitting an application

Though Alaska allows growing marijuana at home, getting a license for it can be pretty tough. First, you should know the different types of cannabis licenses:

  • A Retail Marijuana Store License
  • A Cultivation Facility Marijuana License
  • A Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facility License
  • A Marijuana Testing Facility License

Another good point that you must know, when you apply for a cannabis license, is the restrictions. Learn more, reading below:

  • The cultivation venue must match the provisions submitted by the Alaskan Municipality. Otherwise, the Alaskan Municipality will not issue a license to a candidate.
    • The Municipality of Alaska will not issue a license to the candidate, who 
    1. has a conviction for felony 
    2. has been found guilty of selling alcohol without a license
    3. or has been condemned of an A class transgression.

How to get an Alaska cannabis and marijuana license?

There are several stages one must go through to get a Marijuana License and a Land Use Permit for Marijuana. This is a long process that requires strong will and determination.

  • After possessing the above mentioned information, you must take the first step. That is the recommended meeting with the Department of Planning and Development Services. This is important, if you want to submit a Municipal marijuana license application. You will be able to ask questions or discuss the points by the applicable code during this meeting. You can find a request for an application meeting here.
  • Before applying for a Municipal Marijuana license you must do one more thing. You must hold a community meeting. Find more detailed information about community meeting.

Title 21 has some significant provisions, development requirements, rules and rights. You must follow these regulations, if you want to succeed. For example, there are requirements for:

  1. lighting, 
  2. parking, 
  3. pedestrian facilities, 
  4. open space, 
  5. landscaping, etc. 

If you want to learn more information on this topic, connect to the Planning Department.

An important note

If you want your business to run in an existing building, you should consider one thing. The venue for the business can be a subject to grandfathered/nonconforming rights.

  • You can then apply for a license, after completing these steps. The Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) must view the license as complete. Only after that the Planning Department will accept the applications. When you have all the documents, you can submit an application to the Planning Department. The Department will review the application. After when the department will view it as complete, you will need to submit 17 complete copies. With the copies you will need to provide some supporting information. After, pay the $1,700 fee for a land use permit.

Take into consideration that they have updated the cannabis license application forms. So if you want to apply, use the current form, downloading it from the mentioned link.

After the submission of the documentation

  • The application approval process will take about two months. During this process, the department will review and comment on your application.
  • Next, you will need to attend the community and economic development committee meeting. At the meeting you will learn about the reviews and comments.
  • Throughout the next phase the Assembly sets the applications for public hearing. It reviews and makes the final decision. If they approve the application, you will get a list of conditions. And your establishment may start to operate only after all the conditions are set.
  • After this you will need to request for a final inspection from the municipality. You will need a certificate of occupancy to do this. When this documentation is ready, you must submit a Municipal Inspection Request form. After passing all the inspections, submit a copy of the marijuana license to the Clerk’s Office. After all these phases, your establishment is ready to operate!

If you have questions on the license requirements email the Clerk’s Office or call 343-4316. And if you have questions on the special land use permit, contact the Planning Department.

How to get an Alaska cannabis and marijuana license?

Unlike other states, Alaska has made it very easy to start a cannabis business. As it has made marijuana grow operations legal. You can apply for a marijuana growing license online. Applying and getting a license in Alaska to grow marijuana is like getting one for any retail store. But there is a difference that you must know. You should find and contact stores that will agree to distribute your product. The core part of applying for a license is the premises. So make sure you have chosen the right location for growing cannabis before applying. There are two main types of licenses for manufacturing marijuana:

  1. Standard marijuana product manufacturing license. This allows you to refine, process, cook and sell marijuana to licensed retail stores.
  2. Marijuana concentrate manufacturing license. This allows to process, cook and sell marijuana concentrate to licensed retail stores.

Alaska marijuana license application fees may vary for the type of the license:

  • Application fee costs $1000
  • License renewal application costs $600,

Annual License fees:

  • Full cultivation $5000
  • Limited Cultivation $1000
  • Cannabis testing facility $1000

There are different resources, companies and agencies that can help you to get a license. For example, Green Rush Consulting, Canna Advisors, GreenZipp, Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting, etc.

These are also other reliable companies that will lend a helping hand in this tough process.

How to get an Alaska cannabis and marijuana dispensary license?

Dispensaries are special stores, where individuals of 21+ age can buy cannabis. These stores also sell cannabis flowers, concentrates etc. And people can buy things, when they have 5600 mg of THC.

If you want to get a cannabis license for a dispensary, you must study the field. It is the same as receiving a license for any other non-marijuana store. In this case, you should find a producer, who will give you marijuana to sell. If your organization does not have the needed capacity, do it before applying.

Operating a marijuana dispensary in Alaska is legal as a business but it also demands a license. You must perform all the mandatory payments and examine the market. Single out the correct area for your business and pass all the steps discussed above.

How to receive an Alaska cannabis and marijuana license?

Like any other state you will need a license to get cannabis for medical use. And regardless of the state you live in, you will need the permission of a physician to apply for a medical license.

  • So the first step you should take is to prepare before applying. Read and get familiarized with the code and the principles, as in the previous cases.
  • After reading the law or the rules you should figure out whether you are eligible. You are suitable for a cannabis medical license, if you have a specific diagnosis. The disease must be in the list presented by the law. If you don’t have the proper diagnosis, but you have the symptoms, they might consider you eligible. So it is worth continuing.
  • The third step to take is to find a physician, who will authorize the license, if you find yourself eligible. You can choose your regular doctor or someone else. If your doctor cannot authorize the license, there are other doctors that will do it for him/her. For example, you can contact one of your dispensaries and ask for a doctor. They will definitely help you find one. And even if your doctor will not authorize the marijuana license, tell him/her and ask for a referral letter.
  • After that, make an appointment and visit the doctor and explain your condition to him/her.
  • And as in preceding cases you must pay for the application and marijuana license fee. This will be provided to you in the instructions you will receive during the application.

Wait for the next phase

  • After this process, wait for your medical card and do not try to buy cannabis until getting the card. Do not hurry as the paperwork review will not take very long and you will get your medical card in two-three days. And remember to carry your original recommendation letter with the doctor’s signature. As most dispensaries need the original document with the seal and doctor’s signature. They consider the card invalid without the mentioned documentation.
  • Whenever your card is ready, you can go to a licensed dispensary and buy cannabis.

If you want to get a cannabis medical license, do not inform the doctor about it during the first visit. He/she may think that you fake your condition or deceive him/her. Be honest and let him/her help you overcome your condition.

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