Alaska Barber License

Alaska Barber License

Although continuing education for beauty professionals is not required here (as in Kansas), it is one of the greatest methods to keep your skills and knowledge current.

To sum up, we gathered steps, that you need to complete to become a qualified hairdresser in AK. Here is how you can get your Alaska barber license:

Step 1: Enroll in a hairdressing school or apprentice program.

To meet the academic requirements for licensing in AK, you must first complete a program of at least 1,650 hours at an accredited institution or 2,000 hours of apprenticeship training.

The aim of completing this program is to give you both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience.

To conclude this step, here are examples of typical courses that the program includes:

  • Sterilization and sanitization
  • Stropping and honing
  • Razors with straight blades and their applications
  • Haircutting and styling
  • Shampooing and massaging the scalp
  • Coloring
  • Face massage
  • Skin and scalp problems
  • Barber laws, norms, and restrictions

Step 2: Submit an application for a working license in Alaska.

Moving forward, your next action must be applying for licensing by submitting an appliance for a barber, hairdresser, and esthetician. You must do it after completing an approved program or apprenticeship. In addition, you must also submit the following costs for a completed and signed application:

  • The application fee is $80.
  • The initial license charge is $140.
  • The fee for the examination is $95 ($35 for the written portion and $60 for the practical one).

Step 3: Take the barber licensure written and practical exams in AK.

After the Board has examined your application, you will be notified of the examination dates, times, and locations. Thus, both written and practical exams are scheduled every four weeks in Anchorage. Yet, in Fairbanks, it is every eight weeks. Keep in mind that both English and Spanish are available for the tests.

This is what practical examination assessment includes:

  • Shaving
  • Haircuts and styles
  • Perm
  • Color pureness
  • Touch-up with bleach and highlighting

Keep in mind, that the Barber Examination Packet contains information on the practical and written examinations.

Step 4: Make sure your license is up to date.

Here it is! You reached the final step. If you already got a license in Alaska, make sure to renew it. You should do it by the end of August every odd-numbered year. It will cost you some money. That is to say, if you do it before the expiration date you will have to pay $140. But if you do it after August 31, it will cost you a little bit more, growing up to $180.

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